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Wonder where your images appear across the internet? Our search platform is a simple and quick way to find your images online.


Picture Search Platform

"United Creatives" is an intuitive and user-friendly platform where you can search for your pictures online. You'll receive a report outlining the context in which your artwork is being used.

Automatic Search

Upload your images in one click and let our platform scan the web automatically. 

Worldwide Reach

Our Search System allows you to easily uncover where your artwork is being used all over the world.

Transparent and Fair

From the moment you join our platform, you will experience complete transparency at every step. All the data you upload to our search platform will be safe and secured.

How it works?
1. Upload images to your account
2. Look for a match

Universal Pricing

Your first 50 photos are for free, each additional photo costs you only 1 cent.

€0,01/ per Photo
*excl. VAT
Remains always 1 cent per photo

Notice your work is being used by someone?

If you didn't give them permission, their use might be considered a copyright infringement.



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Frequently asked questions and their answers.

Are the legal proceedings really free for me?

Yes, initiating proceedings, legal review, sending cease and desist letters, hiring local lawyers are free of charge for our registered customers. We only take a fair share if we successfully collect your license fees.

How quickly can I expect to see results after uploading my photos?

Our platform starts tracking as soon as you upload. Typically, you'll begin to see the digital footprint of your photos within a short span of time.

Which payment methods are possible?

We accept credit cards only.

Are there any limitations on the number of photos I can upload?

Our goal is to support all your tracking needs. Beyond the free tier, you can upload as many photos as you wish for a nominal fee.

Can I remove a photo once it's been uploaded?

Absolutely. You always have control over what's uploaded and can remove or replace photos at any time.

Any questions?

Contact us via the contact form.

About us


For over 15 years, we've walked alongside photographers, championing their rights and celebrating their craft. In an age where art is freely shared, often without credit, we stand firm as your global partner, ensuring each snapshot you take remains unmistakably yours. Dive into the world of photography, knowing we've got your back every shutter-click of the way.


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